Titanic: Sky is Falling

Vidder: McN
Fandom: Titanic
Title:  Titanic: Sky is Falling
Song: Sky is Falling
Artist: Natalie Duncan 
Warnings: none
Category: General 
Characters/Pairings: Fabrizio De Rosse, Helga, Rose, Jack
Summary: "...they called it the ship of dreams. and it was. it really was.."


Intro and two vids..

I've been vidding for years but I stopped for a long time, life got in the way as it does. I've recently found my way back to it and have made two vids which I posted to my youtube account. I mostly do femslash pairings as that is my main interest. The one vid is from a movie called Elena Undone and the other is from the T.V. show Warehouse 13. I hope you all enjoy my efforts, I'm still a little rusty and constructive comments are always welcome :)

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vid: Heaven Is Falling, But The Stars Look Good

Vidder: Loki
Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Heaven Is Falling, But The Stars Look Good
Song: Himininn er a? hrynja, en stjornurnar fara ?er vel
Artist: Olafur Arnalds
Warnings: none
Category: general with au-ish elements
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean
Summary: "...and you asked me what happens when you die. I said you forget everything...Everything. “Even you?” you asked. Yes, even me. You did not want to die. Never forget."
Links: here at graphicinmotion
Me & Chucky

Guardians of Asgard

~Title of Video: Thor & The Warriors Three
~Vidder's Name: metalhead684
~Song Title/Band: Amon Amarth - Guardians of Asgard
~Rating: none
~Summary: Tribute Video to Thor & The Warriors Three

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