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jedi_of_urth in fanvidders

Babylon 5 vid Susan vs. the Psi Corps

Title/Song: Not Ready To Make Nice
Artist: Dixie Chicks
Details: 3:34 long, wmv file, 16.5 MB
Made By: jedi_of_urth
Fandom, Characters/Ship: Babylon 5, Susan Ivanova vs. the Psi Corps.
Description/spoilers: Spoilers through 3x14 "Ship of Tears." Susan has always hated the Psi Corps for what happened to her mother, she'll never trust them no matter how much they say to.
Located at: MediaFire

Some backstory:
The the Babylon 5 universe human telepaths are regulated by the Psi Corps, any telepaths that don't wish to join are Corps are given drugs to inhibit their abilities. Sofie Ivanova managed to hide from them until she was older and married with children so when she was found out she took the drugs option rather than leave her family. Over the years the drugs wore away her spirit to the point where eventually she committed suicide.

Susan Ivanova grew up hating and fearing the Corps for what was done to her mother. She sees them as the enemy, even more so because everytime she even tries to trust one of them she is shown more reason to hate them.

One of the mottos of the Psi Corps is to "Trust the Corps;" she doesn't.

This is actually my 40th vid it turns out. Hope you guys enjoy, and feedback is a nice thing.


I have much love for this vid. Normally I hate country, so I was a little leary of the combo of my fav B5 character with the Dixie Chicks. But you totally managed to pull it off. This song really captures her relationship with the Corp throughout all the seasons.

Very well done. This one's gonna go in the fav file, I'm sure.
There's a shortage of B5 vids out there, but I plan to do something about that...over time at least. Good to know there's soneone else out there who can enjoy them.

And I am a fan of country music, but not always of the Dixie Chicks, but I like this song, and then one day it hit me that it kind of sounded like Ivanova (who is my favorite character too) so from there it was just another jump to who she'd never be willing to make nice with.

So yeah, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback.

November 2017

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