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Hi guys! I'm new to this community and still somewhat new to vidding in general. I was looking around for a community where I could talk with other vidders and share some tips, techniques, and general advice. When I say I'm new to vidding, it's somewhat misleading because I am a general creative type and can do advanced work with programs like Photoshop and Flash. I know my way around Sony Vegas fairly well and I expect no less of the aesthetics of my videos than I do of my art. Here are some of my videos. (Spoiler alert: Don't watch the Twin Peaks one if you haven't seen the show! The whole plot is: "Who killed Laura Palmer?", and that will be spoiled within the first 5 seconds of that video if you click it.)

My questions for you guys are:

1. Do you have any advice for how you plan out your videos, and how do you keep track of and organize your footage?

Any given Vegas project file for me has two parts: the actual, organized footage of the video that I'm set and happy with, and a huge chaotic mess way off to the right, full of footage and clips and soundbites I stuck there because I might use them. The problem with that is, I can't ever find anything when I need it. I'm working on a Twin Peaks vid now and I tried keeping a separate file to keep footage from the prequel film Fire Walk With Me organized and available so that I could just cut and paste from it. I went through and separated scenes I knew I wanted and cut footage I knew I wouldn't use and generally tried to break the whole thing apart, but it's a time consuming process and the end result is still difficult to navigate. It somewhat worked for the movie, but to do this for the whole series would be plain impractical.
Some stuff you know by heart as a fan, but for the rest, do you guys just rewatch the shows and write down timestamps of particular footage so you know where to grab it from, or do you spend the time digging through the episodes for the clips? I've also tried referencing screencap galleries so I can track down what episode a particular scene was from and quickly find where to grab it. I'm just wondering if there are more efficient methods than these because it just gets to be so time-consuming.

2. What do you do when you feel stuck?
With some songs, I see what I want perfectly at different parts. I know how I want that intro to look, I've got a perfect vision for this chorus, that footage is meant for that part and those lyrics, etc., etc. But then you get to those bits inbetween where it's not so clear what should go there. Do you guys plan ahead and storyboard the song you're using or do you try to keep it organic and figure it out as you go along? Sometimes I feel like I'd know what to do if I rewatched the whole show, but, again, that's a lot of time to set aside to get one video done. I just find that once I get together the parts that I see clearly in my head, I'm left with these gaps inbetween and an unfinished video with a dauntingly unlcear or vague vision. Other times, the song is too long or too short and I struggle to either cut certain footage I'm in love with or to come up with filler since the lyrics of some of those parts feels integral to the video as a whole.

Thanks so much for reading and I appreciate any feedback you guys are willing to give!
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